Who We Are

We Are...

A mother and daughter team who moved to the area in 1993 from the city of Pittsburgh, PA.  We share a love of food, a strong work ethic, and concern for the environment.  We're probably more alike than the younger of us would like to admit!

About My Mom

When I was growing up my favorite meal mom made for dinner was tofu, broccoli, and rice.  We ate it 3 times a week... or more!

My least favorite thing mom made was grilled cheese.  She always burnt it.

When I tell people we moved here in ’93 because mom got a job in Ithaca, a lot of them assume it was at Cornell.  It's always fun to watch their reactions when I say, “No.  She got a job at GreenStar.”

Through example, my mom has taught me how be a good mother to my son.  She is very thoughtful and genuinely cares about others.

About My Daughter

When Nana was around 9 years old we occasionally went out for breakfast at the Bagel Nosh in Pittsburgh.  She would astound the wait staff there with the amount of food she would eat.  Nana always ordered the same thing, The Hungry Man Special!  This consisted of 2 eggs, 2 pancakes, bacon, and sausage.  On top of that she would order a bagel with cream cheese, OJ and milk.  I delighted in spending a leisurely hour with her while she ate it all.

My daughter has the most wonderful son, Nico.  He is a light in my life.

Nana has always loved Legos.  To this day she makes some pretty neat structures.  I'm not sure who enjoys playing with them more... she or Nico!

If you read we're originally from Pittsburgh then I shouldn't have to tell you that Nana is a huge Steelers fan and enjoys a good game of football. 

I've always been amused by the fact that when Nana visits somewhere she usually describes the place by the food she ate.