Meet the Miller

May 11th, 2011

Come sample the baking mixes!

Cornbread & Gingerbread

Thursday, May 26


 Greg Mol is the miller. Milling is subtle work and  requires close attention to the sounds of flowing grain and the delicate smells of cracked kernels. If things aren't just right, Greg sets to it: wheels are adjusted, hoppers refilled, winnowing boxes checked, cleaned, and reset. His sensitivity to the process is something to see in action, and it's what guarantees the quality and consistency of Farmer Ground Flour. Greg works closely with bakers to produce custom flours, and he routinely experiments with new grinds and sifting processes.

 Farmer Ground Flour started grinding local organic grains in 2008. The mill is co-owned by the miller and the farmers who grow the grain.  They are committed to organic agriculture, and to the development of a truly sustainable agricultural economy.